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Manufacturer: onsemi

Product range: bipolar transistor - a bipolar junction transistor (BJT)

Install style: SMD/SMT

Encapsulation/box: SC - 75-3

Polarity transistor: NPN

Configuration: Single

Collector - largest emitter voltage VCEO: 40 V

Collector VCBO: - the base voltage 60 V

The emitter, the base voltage VEBO: 6 V

The collector - emitter saturation voltage: 300 mV

Direct current collector current biggest: 200 mA

Pd - power dissipation: 225 mW

Gain bandwidth product fT: 300 MHz

Minimum working temperature: 55 C

The maximum working temperature: + 150 C

Series: MMBT3904T

Packaging: the biennial Reel

Packaging: the Cut Tape

Packaging: MouseReel

Trademark: onsemi

Continuous current collector: 0.2 A

Dc collector/Base Gain hfe Min: 40

Height: 0.75 mm

Length: 1.6 mm

Product types: BJTs - Bipolar Transistors

Factory packing number: 3000

Child categories: Transistors

Technology: the Si

Width: 0.8 mm

Unit weight: 2.510 mg

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