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Stewell Launched A New High -End Super -Star Light -Level Large Target 8MP Image Sensor

Stewell (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Steway, stock code: 688213), officially launched Star Light (SL) Series Super Star -level Light Series Senso Sensor New Products of STAR LIGHT (SL) Series.——SC880sl.

In recent years, with the large -scale commercial landing of 4K ultra -high -definition technology, the security industry has ushered in a new growth rate of its development.According to the TSR 2022 report, in recent years, 8MP (4K) resolution CIS has a significant growth momentum. It is expected that the global security CIS market 8MP shipments will reach 50 million pieces by 2026.In addition, there are still many complex scene requirements in the application of technology to be considered, which has prompted further iterative upgrades of security CIS imaging performance.


The SmartClarity-2 technology and innovative SFCPIXEL patent technology of the new product based on Stewell's full performance upgrade. The BSI process combined with large target design, which greatly enhances the sensitivity of the product.At the same time, the SC880SL is equipped with Stewell's advanced near -infrared sensitivity NIR+technology, which can achieve excellent night vision imaging performance even in an ultra -low environment.In addition, under the blessing of the advantages of Stewell's innovative technology and super low noise peripheral reading circuit, the high -temperature imaging performance of the product has also been greatly improved, and strives to empower 4K high -end intelligent security applications with excellent imaging quality.


Large target combined with cutting -edge imaging technology, dark light imaging strength shows the strength

In order to comply with the application needs of security monitoring all -weather and full -time periods, night vision imaging performance has become one of the hottest technical breakthrough points in the security circle.The latest SC880SL launched by Steway uses 1/1.2 & quot; large target surface design on the basis of the BSI process. The unit pixel has a larger light sensing area, and it can show higher brightness and clearer details in dark light environments.According to the test, SC880SL's SNR1S can be as low as 0.18LUX, which can achieve dark light imaging performance comparable to the STACK process image sensor.

In addition, relying on the SFCPixel patent technology of SmartClarity-2 technology and innovation, SC880SL has excellent high-performance imaging performance. Compared with the industry of the same specifications of the industry STACK process image sensor, the SC880SL full mormness electrons have greatly increased by 33%, the maximum letterThe noise ratio has improved 2DB, which can empower the application of high -end security with excellent light imaging performance.


Advanced near -infrared sensitivity NIR+technology, achieve super -star light -level high -definition night vision image

In response to the ultra -low -photo near -infrared filling scene of security applications, Stewell's super -star light -grade large target image sensor SC880SL is equipped with Stewell's advanced near -infrared sensitivity NIR+technology. The QE quantum efficiency in the 850Nm band can reach 38%The QE quantum efficiency in the 940nm band can reach 24%, even in the ultra -low environment, it can still achieve excellent night vision imaging performance.

The upgrade process and innovative technology blessing, the quality of high temperature imaging has been greatly improved

In order to further improve the imaging performance of CIS in high temperature application scenarios, the SC880SL through the upgrade and optimization of the process will be upgraded from traditional materials to high -stress SIN membrane, which greatly improves the product at high temperature at high temperature.Under the image quality.At the same time, through Stewell's ultra -low noise peripheral reading circuit technology, it has greatly suppressed the production of dark current and white dots.Compared with previous generation technology products, the dark current of SC880SL has decreased by 35%, and the DSNU has greatly reduced by 50%, allowing the camera to output high -quality image screens even in high temperature environments.In addition, SC880SL can also support dynamic row overlapping HDR (Staggered HDR) image output, which can be increased to more than 100DB.

Ms. Zhang Peiling, the chief market officer (CMO), said: In recent years, the smart security industry has been steady, and the vertical application fields are full of flowers, and diversified demand is being released.Stewell is committed to exploring more potential needs of security customers, and uses high -performance technology products to accurately reach the actual application of customers.The new 4K super -star light -level large target image sensor new product SC880SL is the first 1/1.2 & quot; 8MP image sensor product.The imaging performance has played the usual technical advantages of Stewell.In addition, the excellent high -temperature imaging quality brought by the process upgrade and optimization also provides strong market core competitiveness for SC880SL, and strives to empower the development of intelligent security applications with excellent high -performance imaging.


At present, the SC880SL has been submitted to samples and is expected to achieve mass production in Q3 in 2023.If you want to know more about SC880SL products, please contact Stewell sales staff.


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