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Software Empowerment, Honor Forward: Mathworks Has Won Many Annu

Mathworks announced today that its Matlab Digital Twin Biological IoT Development Solutions won the most popular development platform award in the IoT industry in the Vico Cup OFWEEK 2022 selection; Embedded Coder & NBSP;In addition, with the outstanding performance and in -depth support of the development and innovation in AutoSAR components, with Matlab & Nbsp; and Simulink & Nbsp; in the process of development and innovation in AutoSAR, the annual outstanding global partner awarded by AutoSAR.In 2022, Mathworks won three awards in one fell swoop, which not only represented the value of the company's software empowerment was recognized by the industry, but also commended Mathworks in the process of promoting China's scientific and technological innovation.

2022 Victoria Cup ofweek's Most Popular Development Platform Award

MATLAB Digital Twin Biological IoT Development Solution Rong Deng's Most Popular Development Platform List in 2022.The Victoria Cup OFWEEK IoT industry selection activity aims to recognize outstanding products, technologies and application cases with outstanding contributions to the Internet of Things industry, thereby encouraging more enterprises to invest in product research and development and technological innovation to further guide the rapid development of the industry.

In the Internet of Things, Matlab & Nbsp; and Simulink & Nbsp; can help users design, establish prototypes and deployments, such as predictive maintenance, operation optimization, supervision and control, and so on.For several years, Mathworks has continued to invest in the research and development of IoT related products, and in 2022, the INDUSTRIALALIALANICATION TOOLBOX was launched, which further improved the real -time data and historical data of visiting industrial factories.Use the Matlab algorithm and the Simulink model as digital twin and IoT components to develop and deploy them on assets, edge equipment or clouds for abnormal detection, control optimization, grid analysis, and other applications.

2022 CEC annual embedded control category best product award

The authoritative annual product selection activity in the field of industrial control automation -Control Engineering China 2022 (18th) Best Product Awards Ceremony, Mathworks generates the best product box for the best product award of the embedded control category with Embedded Coder & Nbsp;EssenceThe CEC selection is one of the most authoritative product selection activities in China's industrial control, automation and instrument and instrument. Adhering to the norm, fair and transparent selection purpose, this activity has emerged with a lot of technical representative, iconic, milestone monumentsFormulating products provide decision -making guidance for the majority of users' technical upgrades and product purchase.

The award -winning Embedded Coder & Nbsp; can generate readable, compact and fast running C and C ++ code for embedded processors used in large -scale production.It expands the functions of Matlab Coder? And Simulink Coder, supporting accurately controlled the generated functions, files and data through advanced optimization.These optimizations can improve code efficiency and help integrate with existing code, data types and calibration parameters.In addition, Embedded Coder & Nbsp; allows the third -party development environment to be incorporated into the construction process in order to generate executable files for a full set of deployments on the embedded system.With the efficient code generation of the tool to improve productivity, customers can save the time of investing in coding implementation, verification and certification tasks, so as to put energy in higher -value design work.


AUTOSAR 2022 Outstanding Global Partner

Automotive Open System Architecture is a global development partnership consisting of automakers, suppliers, and other companies from electronics, semiconductors and software industries.Since 2003, it has been committed to developing and introducing open and standardized software platforms for the automotive industry.By simplifying the replacement and update of software and hardware, AutoSAR has established a reliable foundation for controlling the increasingly complex electronics and software systems in the future and future cars.The AUTOSAR annual Outstanding Global Partner Award was the first award established in 2022 to recognize partners with outstanding contributions in the process of promoting and implementing the AUTOSAR standard.

With the development of automotive electrification, automation, and networking, whether it is a mature AutoSAR classic platform applied in power, chassis and other functional domains, or the autoSAR adaptive platform of high -performance controllers such as autonomous driving and vehicle computers, the two are both.They are complementary and long -term coexistence.Based on model design and Simulink   series products provide design, simulation, verification and generating complete processes and advanced support for the AutoSAR standard, helping car users better use existing knowledge experience, workflow and software assets to developEmbedded software that conforms to AutoSAR will help you cope with the increasing complexity of automotive electronics and software, and can improve cost efficiency without reducing quality.


Cao Xinkang, general manager of Mathworks China China, said: In the income of many annual awards, it is the value of Mathworks to empower innovation by software.It will live up to expectations, be guided by the needs of the service industry, and continuously provide users with high -quality software tool products and cutting -edge application solutions for users in various fields, helping China's high -tech industry and digital economy.

About mathworks

Mathworks is the world's leading mathematical computing software developer.Matlab from the company is known as the language of scientists and engineers, and is a programming environment that integrates the development of algorithms, data analysis, visualization, and numerical calculation.Simulink is a modular modeling environment, facing the simulation of multi -domain and embedded engineering systems and model -based design.These products serve global engineers and scientists to help them speed up their pace and achieve invention, innovation and development in automotive, aerospace, communication, electronics, industrial automation and other industries.Matlab and Simulink products are also basic teaching and research tools for many universities and academic institutions around the world.Mathworks was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Nature, Massachusetes in Massachusetts. It has more than 5,000 employees in 16 countries/regions around the world.



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