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MOSFET SiC Power MOSFET 1200V, 60A


Product range: MOSFET

Technology: the SiC

Style: installation Through Hole

Encapsulation/box: the TO - 247-3

Polarity transistor: N - Channel

Number of Channel: the Channel 1

Vds - the drain-source breakdown voltage: 1.2 kV

Id - continuous drain current: 60 A

Rds On - drain-source On resistance: 40 mOhms

Vgs - the grid - voltage: - 5 V, + 20 V

Vgs th - gate threshold voltage, 4 V

Qg - gate charge: 115 nC

Minimum working temperature: 55 C

The maximum working temperature: + 150 C

Pd - dissipation power: 330 W

Channel modes: Enhancement

Packaging: Tube

Trademark: Wolfspeed

Configuration: Single

Down time: 34.4 ns

Forward transconductance - minimum value: 13.2 S

Height: 21.1 mm

Length: 5.21 mm

Products: Power MOSFETs on-resistance will

Product type: MOSFET

Rise time: 52 ns

The number of factory packaging: 30

Child categories: MOSFETs on-resistance will

The transistor type: 1 N - Channel

Type: Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET

Typical closing delay time: 26.4 ns

Typical switching delay time: 14.8 ns

Width: 16.13 mm

The unit weight: 6 g





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