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Da Lian Daping Group Launched The TWS Headset Charging Warehouse Solution Based On

The leading semiconductor component distribution dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market-Da Lianda University Holdings announced that its underworldShiping launchedMicro -source semiconductor (LPS) LP7810QVF, LP5305QVF, LPB1003B5F chip and Bluetrum AB132A MCU, and AWINIC (AWINIC) AW86504str Holm sensor's wireless headset charging warehouse solution.


Figure 1-Da Lian UniversityShiping's display board map of the TWS headset charging warehouse plan based on Weiyuan, Zhongke Lanxun and Aiwei products

In recent years, the sales of TWS headphones have increased year by year.According to the Canalys data report, 2022 Q1 global brand TWS headset shipments have reached 68 million units.At the same time, the charging warehouse of important accessories as TWS headphones also ushered in a period of rapid development.For the design of the TWS headset charging warehouse, the most need to consider the problem of charging time and battery life.To this,Da Lian Da Shiping is based on WeiyuanLP7810QVF, LP5305QVF, LPB1003B5F chip, Zhongke Lanxun AB132A MCU, and AW86504Str Hall sensor launched the TWS headset charging warehouse solution, which can help engineers create a simple and efficient TWS fast charging system, thereby improving product battery life.


Figure 2-Da Lian Dading's TWS headset charging warehouse solution based on Weiyuan, Zhongke Lanxun and Ai Wei's products  

Weiyuan Semiconductor is an advanced simulation chip design company in the industry, which focuses on the field of simulation chips based on power management chips.In this planLP7810QVF is an efficient charging management IC. It has a built -in 30V input resistance, with charging, voltage, NTC management, LDO, and multiple protection circuits.It also has a dual -channel in the headset and independently enter the warehouse inspection. It supports two -way communication with the headset. The charging parameters can be set through the I2C bus, and the MCU will be sent to the MCU to maximize the battery life when specific events occur.

LP5305QVFIt is an over -integrated voltage/overcurrent protection chip with high intensive degree. It has 30V resistance and 85V input overvoltage protection, which can prevent the system from the effect of abnormal high input voltage.In addition, the LP5305QVF can also monitor the battery voltage in real time. When the battery voltage exceeds 4.35V, the IC will turn off the MOS to further protect the system.

In addition, this solution also uses AB132A MCU of Zhongke Lanxun and AW86504str Hall sensor of Ai Weiche Electronics.Zhongke LanxunAB132A MCUBased on the 32 BIT RISC-V core, the main frequency can reach 120MHz.Its built -in 4 -way low -power capacitance touch button and soft switch PMU circuit support the PWRKEY key to wake up and 5V charging wake -up function.Not only that, AB132A also has a built -in CODEC (codec), which has 95DB high -performance stereo DAC signal -to -noise ratio.In terms of packaging design, this product is packaged with 4mm × 4mm QFN32, which helps the product miniaturizes.


Figure 3-Da Lian Dading Based on the TWS headset charging compartment plan of Weiyuan, Nakake Lanxun and Ai Wei's product

With the rapid growth of TWS headphones, TWS headset brands have shown hundreds of argument, and many new layers have endless vitality to injecting the TWS market.Under this trend, the TWS headset charging warehouse has also become a major direction for brands to create differentiation.From simple charging and discharge functions to intelligent charging warehouses, Da Lian Da Shiping will keep up with consumer needs, and combine the original innovative products to continue to launch high -quality solutions to help brands will quickly implement their ideas.

Core technological advantage:

    support 30V resistance, built -in OVP protection, output overcurrent protection;

    support the independent configuration of the charge and discharge parameters:

  charging current and constant voltage charging voltage can be configured;

  discharge current and discharge voltage can be configured;

  discharge deadline current can be configured;

    support load detection and two -way communication;

    support the interrupt signal triggered by specific events;

    voltage dynamic to follow the battery voltage of the headset;

    support 5V regular power supply or 2.7V voltage frequently under dormancy.

Plan specifications:

    2 layer layout board, the size can be adjusted according to the structure of the TWS charging compartment;

    support 30V resistance, built -in OVP protection, output overcurrent protection;

    VOL / VOR supports load detection and two -way communication:

  The open lid of the charging warehouse is in 2.7V communication voltage, which can send left and right ear information and the battery power information of the charging warehouse;

  The charging warehouse is opened and pressed the charging bay button 3s to erase the Bluetooth pairing information;

  After the headset battery is full, the charging warehouse will send instructions to let the headic pass;

  Charging warehouse closed Vol / VOR output 2.7V load detection voltage, detect the load, enter the charging.

    voltage dynamic to follow the battery voltage of the headset;

    charging warehouse dormant and power consumption:

  It can support 5V / 2.7V voltage in dormancy and power supply, which is used to adapt to the frequent opening or off -cut headphones;

  discharge current (that is, the charging warehouse current when charging the headset): 40mA;

  discharge end current: 10mA; 10mA;

  dormant current: 20 μA (the headset is placed in the charging warehouse and the dormant current is full);

    NTC supports charging and discharge protection, charging at 0 ~ 45 ° C by default; less than -10 ° C, greater than 60 ° C discharge protection.

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About Da Lianda Holdings:

Dalian University Holdings is the world's largest semiconductor component distributor in the Asia -Pacific region. It is headquartered in Taipei (TSE: 3702).There are more than 250 product suppliers, 80 distribution bases around the world, and a turnover of 27.81 billion US dollars in 2021.Da Lian University created an industrial holding platform, focused on the scale of international operations and localized elasticity, long -term deeply cultivated the Asia -Pacific market, with the vision of "industry preferred.", For 22 consecutive years, it has won the "Excellent International Brand Distributor Award" for 22 consecutive years.Facing the new manufacturing trend, Da Lian has been committed to transforming into a data-driven enterprise to build an online digital platform- "Da Da.com" and advocate smart logistics services (LaaS, Logistics as a Service) model to assist customers in common togetherChallenge to intelligent manufacturing.Da Lian University starts from good thoughts, establishes trust with science and technology, and hopes to jointly build the ecosystem of Da Run with the industry "La Bang Division", and uses "focusing on customers, technology empowerment, collaborative ecology, and creation of the era."The word mind method actively promotes digital transformation.



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