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Industry: IC Sealing And Testing Plant Has Been Urged To Increase Southeast Asian Production

According to industry sources, the IC seal testing plant is urging the increase in production capacity in Southeast Asia, especially BGA packaging.

According to the Taiwan Media Electronics Times, sources said that many international chip suppliers, such as AMD and Intel, are strengthening their supply chain in Taiwan, China, and at the same time adopt the so -called Taiwan +1 risk control strategy, that is, expand them outside Taiwan, outside Taiwan, ChinaManufacturing support source.In addition to Taiwan +1, there are also international companies in China +1 strategies to decentralized risks.

Earlier, Sun and Moonlight said that some production lines are building factories outside China, such as Vietnam, and related work continues to be carried out.It is estimated that about 25%of the system -level packaging capacity of Sun Moonlight Investment Control in the future will be transferred to mainland China.Another customer requires expansion of production capacity outside Taiwan, and Sun Moonlight continues to expand production capacity in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and other places in accordance with customer needs, and meets customers' flexible demand for traditional packaging capacity outside Taiwan and Taiwan.

Sources pointed out that international chip suppliers are unlikely to rely only on facilities in Taiwan and mainland China.The United States may be returning the semiconductor supply chain. However, for chip suppliers seeking decentralized risks, Southeast Asia, which already has a large number of semiconductor packaging and test facilities, is a more practical choice. Malaysia and Singapore are keen to seek investment in chip companies.

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