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8-bit microcontroller - MCU Ultra LP 8-bit MCU 64 KB Flash 16 MHZ EE


Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Product range: 8-bit microcontroller - MCU

Series: STM8L052R8

Install style: SMD/SMT

Encapsulation/box: LQFP - 64

Core: STM8

Program memory size: 64 kB

The data bus width: 8 bit

The ADC resolution: 12 bit

The maximum clock frequency: 16 MHz

Number of input/output: 54 I/O

Data RAM size: 4 kB

Power supply voltage - minimum: 1.8 V

Power supply voltage - largest: 3.6 V

Minimum working temperature: - 40 C

The maximum working temperature: + 85 C

Packaging: Tray

Trademark: STMicroelectronics

Data Ram type: Ram

Data ROM size: 256 B

Block data Rom type: EEPROM

Interface types: I2C, SPI, USART

Moisture sensitivity: Yes

Number of ADC channels: 27 Channel

Number of Timer/counter: 5 the Timer

The processor series: STM8L

Product type: 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU

Program memory type: Flash

Factory packing number: 960

Child categories: Microcontrollers - MCU

Unit weight: 342.700 mg




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