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Toshiba Memory Acquisition Under The Basic Lock West And Broadcom Tw

Toshiba is pushing the semiconductor subsidiary "Toshiba memory" (located in Tokyo) to sell the negotiations have been selected under the two candidates, namely joint venture US Western Digital (WD) and financial strength of the US semiconductor giant Broadcom, in fact, The formation of one to one competition. WD had previously demonstrated the idea of building a new plant in the Hokkaido four-day city factory, which was co-operating with Toshiba, and made a substantial concession to the acquisition plan. 28 on the date of the negotiations will usher in the last minute.

WD made the same day the CEO (CEO) Steve - Milligan signed the statement. Which said "will continue to invest in order to enhance R & D and manufacturing capacity," said the factory's WD side of about 700 technical staff will continue to hire. The new plant will be built on the basis of the six plants in the current operation and construction.

WD focuses on how to deal with the contradiction between the semiconductor business and Toshiba sharpening, but now it will give up the dominance of Toshiba memory and so on. On its exploration and industrial innovation institutions, Japan policy investment banks set up "Japan-US Commonwealth" can achieve will be the focus.

In addition to financial strength, Broadcom is different from WD's advantage lies in not have to take into account the "anti-monopoly law" on the issue, has been affirmed. However, there is doubt as to whether the idea of maintaining employment and equipment is uncertain and whether it is possible to obtain an economic and industrial province as a national policy to protect the semiconductor.

Hon Hai Precision Industry and South Korea SK Hynix strive to save the disadvantage. The United States Apple, Amazon and other companies are expected to join Hon Hai's acquisition, but out of concern for the technology leaked by the province did not change the negative attitude.

In addition, there are industrial innovation agencies and a number of Japanese companies jointly funded the acquisition of Toshiba memory program. However, according to legend, one of the sponsors of Fujitsu president Tanaka also on the 6th in the operating policy briefing on the negative attitude of the acquisition. He said, "is concerned about the trend", also said "do not think to (Fujitsu) shareholders to make a reasonable explanation."

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