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Nxp Together With The Guangzhou Automobile Group To Jointly Develop

NXP Semiconductors today announced that it has jointly developed a new generation of automotive gateway platform based on Ethernet and security to promote the development of Ethernet gateway projects developed by China's first vehicle manufacturing enterprises. NXP will provide reference design and complete gateway solutions for the development of the platform, covering semiconductor devices such as microcontrollers and network interfaces. The two sides will be through the semiconductor enterprises and vehicle manufacturers to carry out direct technical cooperation in the form of China's auto industry to achieve ecological cooperation model breakthrough and innovation.

NXP's gateway solutions for the Guangzhou Automobile Group have unique advantages in hardware and software development. The solution realizes the network architecture based on Ethernet and CAN / CAN FD, which effectively reduces the network cost and improves the performance and reliability of the gateway. At the same time, the solution supports the latest automotive Ethernet technology (100Base-T1), automotive open system architecture (AutoSAR) and air firmware upgrade (FOTA) technology, and provide other advanced system technical support, to maximize the user's development Process. In addition, NXP's solution meets the functional safety level of ASIL-B and is equipped with a hardware security module (HSM) to provide the reliability and reliability of the vehicle environment for the latest requirements for functional safety and hardware encryption. Performance protection, showing the NXP in the security field to the pursuit of Zhen.

"NXP is a global technology leader in the field of automotive electronics and has leading edge in technology and advanced R & D experience in the field of automotive intelligent gateways.New generation Ethernet gateways," said Nicholas Tse, chief technology officer of the Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute and director of the Intelligent Network Technology R & D Center. The project is the key project of the development of Guangzhou Automobile Group.We hope that through cooperation with NXP, we will work together to promote the technological innovation in the field of automobile gateway and build a new model of cooperative ecology to build a win - win situation of the automobile industry.

"The car gateway is an important link between the intelligent environment and the external communications network," said Toni Versluijs, general manager of NXP's global automotive network products. "NXP is committed to driving itself through technology innovation and collaboration. Driving and interconnecting the automotive industry NXP's high-performance gateway solution addresses the growing security requirements of the gateway control system while supporting scalability and reusability, not only improving the robustness of the in-vehicle environment, The BOM cost. NXP look forward to join hands with the Guangzhou Automobile Group, a strong push for a new generation of gateway projects to carry out the smooth cooperation, together to create a safe future of the car.

Car gateway as an intelligent driving entrance, node and core, for the realization of wireless data security, reliable transmission is essential, will play an important role in the intelligent network car. At present, the rapid development of Ethernet, Europe and the United States and the major domestic car prices have accelerated the layout of the Ethernet. The future, car Ethernet will become an indispensable connection of intelligent network car, car backbone network will be based on Ethernet to build. As a leader in the field of secure interconnected automotive technology and the global automotive network market, NXP provides a range of protection measures from the security interface, security gateway, security network, security handling and security access to protect the interconnected Internet Safety. The cooperation model between NXP and Guangzhou Automobile Group has opened up the road of direct cooperation between Chinese brand car manufacturers and advanced technology providers, simplifying the process of technical communication, and greatly promoted the application and popularization of new technologies, which indicates that the future car gateway cooperation The new direction of development.

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